Do you know the advance medical directives?

What is an advance medical directive?

“Advance medical directives are contained in a written document in which a person of full age who is capable of giving consent to care specifies in advance the medical care that they will agree or refuse to receive in the event that they become incapable of giving consent to care in specific clinical situations.”

Who can do it?“Only persons of full age who are capable of giving consent to care can issue advance medical directives. These directives are used only when the doctor determines that the person’s state of health renders them incapable of consenting to care.”

Why is it important?

“It is important to express your wishes in the event of incapacity to consent to care in advance, while you are still able to do so. Advance medical directives have the same value as wishes expressed by a person capable of giving consent to care. If an incapacitated person has issued advance medical directives, the doctor is not required to obtain authorization from the person who can consent to care on the patient’s behalf (their representative). Advance medical directives are binding, which means that health professionals that have access to them are obliged to comply with them.”

How do I complete my advance Medical Directive?

You can complete it online or by using this form: Advance medical directives – Download the form

For more information: Resources
Source: Advance Medical Directives – Gouvernement du Québec

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