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Our services for your health

Family doctors

The Coaticook Medical Clinic has more than a dozen family physicians who joined a Family Medicine Group (FMG) to ensure collaborative work with a broad professional health team. This teamwork facilitates a better response to the increasingly diverse needs of patients.


Our family doctors conduct home visits of patients with severe loss of autonomy unable to visit the clinic.

Walk-in clinic / Minor Emergency

The walk-in/minor emergency clinic is reserved, on appointment, for patients enrolled with a family physician.

Minor surgery

The Coaticook Medical Clinic has a minor surgery room where several small surgeries are performed, such as removal of small skin lesions, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), infiltrations, biopsies or punctures, and this, after consultation with one of our doctors (by appointment).

Nurses practitioner

Primary care nurses practitioner provide health care to a diverse clientele: newborns, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women and the elderly. Their activities are mainly related to management of common health problems (eg urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc.), monitoring patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, Asthma, high blood pressure, etc.) and pregnancy monitoring. The nurses practitioner may prescribe medicines, X-rays, laboratory tests and simple samples as part of an annual or periodic follow-up.

FMG nurses

FMG nurses are doing joint follow-ups with the doctor of patients with chronic diseases (eg diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) and the children aged 0 to 5 years. FMG nurses also educate patient on lifestyle and prevention. They also contribute to contraception, screening for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections, disease prevention activities, and screening for at-risk clients.

Nursing assistant

The nursing assistant collects information that will be needed for your follow-up with your doctor. The nursing assistant can also assist doctors during minor surgeries or gynecological exams and inject some medications.

FMG pharmacist

The FMG pharmacist provides appropriate advice on optimal drug use to physicians and patients.

FMG social workers

FMG social workers evaluate, support and intervene with people living social problems in order to orient them to the appropriate resources to meet their needs.