Dear patient,

On May 29, your doctor, Dr. Steven Monette, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct during his disciplinary hearing of the Collège des médecins du Québec. The Coaticook Medical Clinic announced its decision at that time to immediately terminate his business and professional ties with Dr. Monette permanently under its policy against harassment and discrimination, its code of ethics and of its contractual agreements governing its members. For informational purposes only, section 156 of the Professional Code states that a professional convicted of misconduct of a sexual nature towards a patient is exposed to a radiation of at least five years, with some exceptions. The Discipline Committee has not yet made its decision on the length of Dr. Monette’s radiation.

We would like to inform you that we will notify the RAMQ on September 4th , 2018 that Dr. Monette will no longer be part of the GMF des Frontières operated by the Clinic. This has the following implications for you:

1) Dr. Steven Monette remains your family doctor even if he is no longer part of the GMF Frontiers because you are registered with a family doctor without being attached to a specific clinic;
2) This puts an end to your ability to see your family doctor, Dr. Monette, at the GMF des Frontières and therefore access to consultations at our clinic will be more restricted (equivalent to those without a family doctor).

In the event that you are considering canceling your registration with Dr. Monette, you must take any of the following steps:

1) Contact the RAMQ at 1-800-561-9749
2) Register on-line on the List To Find A Family Doctor (Guichet D’accès Aux Médecins De Famille):
3) By telephone by contacting the access desk for orphan clients in your territory

Since November 2016, we have tried to compensate to the best of our abilities the absences of Dr. Monette (approximately 16 months) and by continuing the follow-up of the correspondence and the tests or exams results and by giving appointments for his patients. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for our physicians to continue to follow up of his clientele. In the coming months, we will have to face an exceptional situation. We will be assisting with the preparations for the retirement of 4 of our doctors and the modification of the practice of 2 other doctors. It is therefore impossible for us today to assign you a new family doctor within the GMF. However, we will continue to track the correspondence and tests or exams results that will be sent to the Clinic.

In addition, note that we knocked on several doors (MSSS, CIUSSS of Estrie, elected officials) to explain the problem ahead and we have made repeated and are still making requests for an appropriate number of new doctors and / or specialized nurse practitioners to be authorized for our GMF. For the moment, no new doctor or nurse practitioner has joined the GMF to take your file.

If further information is needed, we invite you to contact us and we thank you for your understanding.

The management team of the Coaticook Medical Clinic

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